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About Me

Jocelyn DoCouto was born in Providence, RI and raised in Pawtucket, RI. She is first generation Cape Verdean and Senegalese. As the oldest of both parents, Jocelyn always felt the pressures of setting the bar through creating and accomplishing goals one after another. Throughout her young academic years, Jocelyn always excelled; remaining with high honors, high GPA, graduated high school with a full semester of college completed, and landed an academic scholarship to Boston University. Although she dropped out of college, Jocelyn always knew she was destined for greatness. 



The road to success hasn’t always been the smoothest. Finding out she was pregnant with her first child at 19, Jocelyn became a mother at 20. Knowing that she may become a single mother considering her relationship with her child’s father began to go downhill, Jocelyn quickly began trying to find her way to provide for herself and her daughter through her retail jobs. Soon after she became a Corporate America worker trying to figure out her life career. In the midst of that journey, Jocelyn  later became pregnant again and had her son at age 23. 



After her second child, Jocelyn knew she needed to make necessary changes and  gain financial freedom somehow to feed herself and her two children because the corporate jobs were not going to provide it.  Jocelyn decided to reduce her hours and go from full-time to part-time so she can then work on her craft of doing hair.  



Jocelyn was always naturally creative and drew a lot as a child. She learned how to braid at the early age of 11 and always practiced freestyle designs to show her creativity through braids. She’s worked in barbershops as early as age 13 but she did not think she would ever consider doing hair full-time. In 2014, she realized that natural hair care started to become very popular and more people were putting the relaxers down. At that moment, Jocelyn figured that it was the perfect time for her to tap into her natural talents and grow her craft for natural hair care. 



In 2015, Jocelyn began looking into what were the requirements to open a natural hair shop. She realized there was an issue in Rhode Island and decided to take action to help bring attention and get braiding deregulated in the state of Rhode Island.  With this bill being passed, no one who desired to have a braiding shop that focused on natural hair care and protective styling would need to obtain a cosmetology license. After 4 long years of fighting, the bill was passed and the deregulation of braiding became a reality in Rhode Island’s state law. 



During the midst of all those years into present day, Jocelyn diligently worked on establishing and growing her natural hair care and protective styling business. She went from Jae’s Protective Styling, to The Salon JPS, and to where it stands today as JaeSlayed Studio. She is located on 440 Central Avenue, Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02861. At this beautiful private salon studio, Jocelyn collaborates with her business partner and master makeup artist Margarita Luna who is known for her business Beat by Maggz. 



She became very popular locally for her great styling skills but also for becoming the personal hair stylist for many NFL greats such as Patrick Chung, Stephon Gilmore, Dont’a Hightower, Adam Butler, Kenyon Barner, J Jones, Brandon King, and N’Keal Harry. She’s also had the pleasure to work with Antonio Brown, Michael Bennett, and other amazing people in the music industry and athletic association. Constantly looking to grow her craft and acquire new skills, Jocelyn has also taken classes with LaceAssassin, Alonzo Arnold, Justin Kace, and Natita. 



Jocelyn now stands as a multifaceted stylist specializing in braids, locs, wigs, weaves, etc. Outside of her great hair artistry, Jocelyn is always keeping busy and finding ways to connect people with great products and services. She currently launching her haircare product line called JaeSlayed Products which is set to have its initial release on May 26, 2021.

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  • Alonzo Arnold’s Master Wig Class - August 2018 


  • Justin Kace’s Platform Artistry September 2018 


  • Lace Assassin’s Lace Master Class - May 2018


  • Natitas New Beginning’s Non-Surgical Cranial 

       Prosthesis Installment Certification -July 2018 

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My Philosophy

I believe my place as a woman is to uplift and inspire those around me. To assure everyone I come into contact with that there is more to life than what commonly meets the eye. As women we are here to provide vision and analytical knowledge as well as remain gracefully in our divine feminine energy and be nurturing towards those we love. A woman can be a superhero when she embraces her true powers of her own emotion. When we as women realize less is more and master discernment we unlock endless abundance.

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